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From Mono Lake to Death Valley » At the end of the last Ice Age, water flowing from the eastern Sierra Nevada created a lush lake and river system stretching from Mono Lake to Death Valley. The drier post-Ice Age climate has transformed this ancient watershed into a series of dry lakebeds connected by the now-dry Owens River — a spectacular desert we know today as Owens Valley and Death Valley.

Offered by Stanford University's Continuing Studies program in the spring of 2000, From Mono Lake to Death Valley was a lecture/field workshop to re-imagine and trace this ancient lake and river system with a series of land-art works. The course included Sierra geologic history, a survey of major land-art practitioners, and a four-day field trip during which site-specific installations were created at compelling locations along the water's ancient pathway.

The course was taught by Elizabeth Miller, Jim Mason, and Mark Brest van Kempen.

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