Tex Houston, Parker Creek

Gimme Water Olive Breasts + DIH
by TexTime

Gimme swollen Green Olive Breasts
Lots of fresh water we taste the best
Brine shrimp soaking I do not jest
Free, float, and fly save coyote nest

Darkness eats the hungry Pinnacle
Rock hard sleep breathes under stars
High energy art grouply flexible
Reflecting time systems near and far

Quest for shade neath pink arts
Soft tuffa beings old and rough
Learning limits of Geo Smarts
Misting moisture consume enough

All is dusty except the wind
Creative juices pluton ocean waves
Headwaters flow through animal blends
Infinity grows tubular calcite caves

Levels of lake change man's time
Fall and rise like Sun energy's Mine
Cycles of life emerging rebirths
Heating the coolness inspired colored earths

Wild Native flora to chemical plants
Tracing the flow of H2O
Granite you shaped visions of arts
Rhyolite heaps snow released flow

Polluting Art Race just this rhyme
SUV love AC survive gas time
Thinner the layer industrial leaves
Sooner the healing of Pleistocene Seas

A healing tangent on the loose
Causing concern now hear the caboose
Uncertainty the way of life
Communication will ease the strife