Hiking in Death Valley

by Eric A. Hulteen

Each winter since 2001 I've taken a week-long trip to Death Valley to go hiking with my friend Chris Schmandt and his family.

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Edited on Saturday 9 December 2017.

March 2017

March 2016

March 2015

February 2014

looking straight up in Sunlight Bridge canyon 1 looking straight up in Sunlight Bridge canyon 2 Looking straight up in the narrow Sunlight Bridge canyon

narrow canyon Sunlight Bridge: Another narrow section (looking horizontally)

Nemo Canyon hillside Hills to the south of Nemo Canyon above Christmas Mine

Christmas mine with bats Christmas mine railroad Above the Christmas Mine in Nemo Canyon (Panamint Mountains)

Eric startup up Wildrose view of Badwater on the way up Wildrose view of the south Death Valley from Wildrose climbing party on Wildrose Peak Climbing Wildrose Peak

twisted strata in Black Point Canyon tarantula in Black Point Canyon gold colored wall in Black Point Canyon Black Point Canyon (Tucki Mountain)

Eric climbing down dry fall Descending a dry fall in Black Point Canyon (Tucki Mountain)

Artists Palette Artist's Palette

coyote along Badwater road Coyote on the Badwater Road

narrows in Lower Foundry Canyon Narrows in Lower Foundry Canyon (Black Mountains)

dunes near Stovepipe Wells Death Valley Buttes The dunes near Stovepipe and Death Valley Buttes from Grotto Canyon Road

February 2013

Old Martin Cabin valley Old Martin Cabin valley on the way to Tucki Mountain.

rock formation that looks like a castle Evoking a castle or palace in the desert

narrow canyon curve in narrow canyon Crescent Bridge (Grapevine Mountains)

sunset in Death Valley Sunset in the northern valley looking west across the dunes near Stovepipe

obstruction in a narrow canyon Something in the way

salt pressure ridges near Borax Haystacks view of salt flats in Death Valley On the salt flats while visiting the Borax Haystacks

Eye of the Needle on Echo Canyon Road Eye of the Needle on Echo Canyon Road

Inyo Mine Inyo Mine shoring

raindrops in mud Raindrops in the mud

tree and a rock Ying and Yang in Rock Nettle Canyon (informal name) (Grapevine Mountains)

twisting narrows red, yellow, and orange rocks More from in Rock Nettle Canyon (informal name) (Grapevine Mountains)

February 2012

2012 2012 2012 Petroglyphs in Death Valley

2012 2012 2012 2012 Borax BM: Overlooking Artist's Palette formations

2012 2012 Mormon Point Canyon: That's a juvenile chuckwalla

2012 Coyote on the Badwater Road

2012 An undisclosed canyon

2012 2012 2012 2012 Badwater at sunset

2012 2012 2012 Revenue Canyon: In the Argus Range

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 Red Wall Canyon: In the Grapevine Mountains

2012 2012 2012 2012 Sand Canyon: In the Owlshead Mountains

February 2011

Cottonwoods snow line comparision A view of the eastern slopes of the Cottonwood Mountains taken from Stovepipe Wells before and after the snow on 26 February 2011 -- the snow line got down to about 2,000 feet.

hole in the wall Widowmaker Falls Looking back at the Hole-in-the-Wall from the top of the boulders at the start of Undertaker Canyon and Widowmaker Falls at the top of Undertaker Canyon.

lizard West side of the Panamint Range A lizard in Snow Canyon and the west side of the Panamint Range after hiking Snow Canyon.

Funeral Slot Canyon Funeral Slot Canyon Funeral Slot Canyon Funeral Slot Canyon.

The Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa The sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa.

Corridor Canyon U-turn at the north end of Corridor Canyon petrified impression Corridor Canyon, the U-turn at the south end of the canyon (this is NOT a panorama -- it's a single frame taken with a 28mm lens), and petrified impressions.

water in unnamed canyon Water flowing in the unnamed canyon that starts just north of the two water tanks on Emigrant Canyon Road.

Orange lichen Orange lichen in Jayhawker Canyon.

Black Point Canyon fall snow covered mountain above Black Point Canyon snow mountains with red rock A fall in Black Point Canyon. On the way out of Black Point Canyon, looking back at the snow that fell as we hiked though it and looking to the east at the Grapevine Mountains with Death Valley Buttes to the right.

February 2010

snow mountains Peaks in the mountains to the west of the Panamint Valley.

palmer canyon gravel Gravel in Palmer Canyon.

palmer canyon entrance South side of the entrance to Palmer Canyon.

palmer canyon dry fall Dry fall in the red rock of Palmer Canyon.

panamint range Valley in the mountains to the west of the Panamint Valley.

mount perry from dante's view Mount Perry as seen from Dante's View.

panamint valley sunset Sunset in the Panamint Valley.

February 2009

grotto Me climbing rocks in Grotto Canyon.

sunrise The sunrise seen from Stovepipe Wells.

marble Marble Canyon.

stretched pebble Me in Stretched Pebble Canyon.

near GDD miill Hills near the Greene-Denner-Drake Mill.

zinc west From Zinc Hill looking west.

telescope from zinc From Zinc Hill looking east toward Telescope Peak.

Lemoigne Lemoigne Canyon from above.

Lemoigne mine A mine above Lemoigne Canyon.

February 2008

wildflowers Wildflowers in bloom.

Panamint Valley A view of the Panamint Valley looking east.

February 2007

valley storm panorama A storm swept through the valley on the 22nd blowing sand and dust in front of it and dropping rain behind. This picture was taken from the entrance to Grotto Canyon.

mine entrance They always say to stay out of the abandoned mines, but they are tempting.

January 2006

hike with a friend It's a lot more fun when you can hike with a friend.

rolling down a dune Loopy behavior.

January 2005

water at Badwater Water at Badwater.

January 2004

Eric and Ben on the railroad grade 2004 Ben (Chris' son) and me on the railroad grade.

January 2003

eric standing Eric climbing 2003 If you look at the top quarter of the rock wall image you'll see me taking foolish risks climbing a dry fall in Monarch Canyon.

dunes This image of the dune is blurry, but I included it to give some idea of the scale of the sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells—that's me wandering down the side of the dune.

A successful sand dune ascent Sitting down to rest after a successful sand dune ascent.

January 2002

January 2001

Near the Keene Wonder Mine.